Advanced Management Solutions

AMS REALTIME is an enterprise scale distributed project management software suite.

It provides multi-platform clients, web access and a powerful application-database server and is available on Windows, Unix, Linux and Macintosh platforms. Options include the ability to integrate with ODBC compliant relational database systems.

The suite is generic and addresses needs across multiple industries, as its use by many diverse organisations around the world demonstrates.

These organisations use AMS REALTIME to ensure effective project delivery while optimising the use of labour, funds and other resources.

The AMS REALTIME Solution has been designed to support the needs of many roles within your organisation, from the CEO to the Project team member. These roles will utilise the AMS REALTIME Solution via one or more of the components below.


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AMS REALTIME Projects is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that provides integrated project, resource scheduling and cost management. It supports the needs of individual project managers and provides consolidation, aggregation, analysis and management through powerful multi-project facilities.

Integrate with AMS REALTIME Resources for additional enterprise resource management features and with AMS REALTIME Solo & Web Solo for time recording.
Automate, extend or customize the capabilities of AMS REALTIME Projects with embedded scripting.
Integrate with SAP, Oracle or other ERP applications, SQL Server, Oracle or ODBC compliant databases.
Configurable project cost model, ranging from simple resource based costs to more complex earned value systems.
Leverage the advantage of the seamless integration AMS REALTIME server and clients on multiple operating platforms (Windows, Macintosh, UNIX and Linux) provides.
Choose from AMS REALTIME Projects, Project Lite and Project Micro to meet you planning needs


AMS REALTIME Resources is a fully featured client/server solution that provides resource management across the enterprise and includes reporting and timecard approval features. Unparalleled visibility of resource usage and availability by skill and organization provides the information needed to support resource capacity planning. Within AMS REALTIME Resources you can perform resource management functions such as reviewing skill requests from project managers, searching for staff that are available with the right skill, satisfying skill requests, approving timecard entries, generating reports and data/system administration of the AMS REALTIME Enterprise Server. AMS REALTIME Resources can be integrated with AMS REALTIME Projects or Microsoft Project® to provide updates to the status of project plans from approved time-recording data, at the click of a button. Finally! Up-to-date, dynamic project plans.

View resource availability and utilization across multiple projects
Multi-project resource planning, supporting matrix organizations
Unlimited options for multidimensional analysis and reporting
Timecard approval (project and operational non-project tasks)
Integrated with AMS REALTIME Projects, Microsoft Project®, AMS REALTIME Solo and AMS REALTIME Web Solo
Web-access to enterprise data through built-in web services
Flexible, expandable data model to support your information needs
Multiple calendars for different shifts and holidays
User-defined security for data access and functionality
Integrate with SAP, Oracle, ERP and other applications, SQL Server, Oracle or ODBC compliant databases.
Leverage the advantage of seamless integration across multiple platforms (Windows, Macintosh, UNIX and Linux) that AMS REALTIME provides.
Automate, extend or customize the capabilities of AMS REALTIME Solo and Web Solo with embedded scripting.


The AMS REALTIME Enterprise Solution provides full support and integration with Microsoft Project®. Together, the AMS REALTIME Enterprise Solution and Microsoft Project deliver real time visibility and allow you to manage projects and resources across your organization, division or department. The AMS REALTIME Enterprise Solution extends and enhances Microsoft Project® by providing:

A central repository for project plans and resource information shared by all Microsoft Project users
Project portfolio and program management capabilities
High-level decision support and reporting facilities for staff and executives at all levels
Integrated timesheets with AMS REALTIME Solo and Web Solo
An interface to regularly update the status of activities in Microsoft Project plans, making your project plans dynamic
Resource management capabilities via the AMS Workforce Browser and AMS REALTIME Resources
Integration with leading third party database and ERP systems such as Oracle


AMS REALTIME Solo & Web Solo are fully featured, easy-to-use, client/server based personal productivity tools that provide individuals with the ability to communicate the status of their work by recording hours worked, and optionally adjusting the remaining work. Hours worked can be recorded for the following: Assigned project tasks (across multiple projects) Non-project or operational tasks Unassigned project tasks (optional, based on access rights) Notes and expenses against project/non-project tasks can also be recorded. Features

Individuals have visibility of their assigned work, even across multiple projects.
Hours recorded in AMS REALTIME Solo and Web Solo can be approved using AMS REALTIME Solo or AMS REALTIME Resources
Progress can be calculated based on individual actual hours, and the changes they make to their remaining work (Estimate-to-Complete, or ETC), allowing project plans to be realistic and dynamic.
Integrated with AMS REALTIME Projects or Microsoft Project® to provide updates to the status of project plans, using approved time-recording data, at the click of a button. Finally! Up-to-date, dynamic project plans.
Multiple calendars for different shifts and holidays.
User-defined security for data access and functionality.
Scaleable from 1 to 15,000 users.
Integrate with SAP, Oracle, ERP and other applications, SQL Server, Oracle or ODBC compliant databases.
Leverage the advantage of seamless integration across multiple platforms (Windows, Macintosh, UNIX and Linux) that AMS REALTIME provides.
Automate, extend or customize the capabilities of AMS REALTIME Solo and Web Solo with embedded scripting.


AMS REALTIME Projects provides fully integrated cost and scheduling features as standard. Cost and schedule integration can be an elusive capability if systems designed for one function are weak when it comes to performing the other. This makes management of both project costs and schedule within a single software solution a powerful reality. AMS REALTIME Projects is a powerful and easy to use tool for project management, planning, scheduling and full cost management. It not only supports the scheduling needs of individual project managers, but also provides built-in functionality to track all types of project costs throughout the project lifecycle.

Project and activity costs can be generated by the cost of resource usage over time
Rate tables allow for time-phased rate changes to support escalating costs
Cost elements can define a cost build-up based on resource types and other cost elements
Non-labor costs can be loaded from external accounting systems and integrated into the project costs
Cost elements can reflect apportioned costs
Accounting calendars and fiscal years are supported, along with standard cost-bin options to track historical project costs and performanceDefault fields for Earned Value calculations include: BCWS Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled BCWP Budgeted Cost of Work Performed ACWP Actual Cost of Work Performed ETC Estimate to Complete BAC Budget at Complete EAC Estimate at Complete CV Cost Variance SV Schedule Variance CPI Cost Performance Index SPI Schedule Performance Index and more…
User-defined fields can display any standard cost fields, from specific cost elements, such as Labor, Materials, Contractors, or Travel
Options for all standard earned value methods are supported
Cost-centers can be defined to track funding sources or colors of money
Cost reports can include tabular information and/or a variance plot that shows historical trends over the life of the project
Standard reports can be modified to include logos, legends and annotations
CSSR and C/SCSC reports (US DOD X12 Specification)
Can be integrated with AMS REALTIME Resources for resource management and AMS REALTIME Solo for time recording
wInsight Interface
Import/Export facilities


The different roles within an organization require their own views and summarizations of data to enable informed decisions… the AMS REALTIME Solution can support these different requirements by providing you with the information to improve business performance.

To achieve this, the AMS REALTIME Solution includes and manages a rich database repository of project and resource information. AMS REALTIME products are widely recognized as providing a combination of powerful functionality with unrivalled ease-of-use, scaling from individual users to enterprise implementations of thousands of users.

The types of roles supported by AMS REALTIME include…

Director/Senior Executive
You will have set objectives at the start of the year and you will want to see how your organization / division / function or department is performing against these objectives. You need a high-level representation of the projects in your organization which allows you to focus in on problem areas quickly. You need a flexible open database system which allows you to take advantage of your organizations information asset.

Program & Portfolio Management
Program and Portfolio management is about aligning people, projects and organizational priorities. Using the powerful multi-project and summarization facilities in AMS REALTIME Projects, you can reclaim the wasted resource effort applied to work that adds no business value. The information made available to you allows improved project selection and prioritization, with the goal of sustaining a steady flow of new projects. By controlling how your business spends its capital and people resources, and identifying the projects in which to invest, you can improve your business’s strategy.

You will want to ensure that costs are under control and that the organization is going to make or save money as a result of executing projects. You also want a timely, controlled, billing mechanism. To achieve this you need a powerful time recording solution that prompts staff to book time and includes comprehensive approval functionality.

Project Manager
Project Managers focus on the scope of work to be performed, the skills required, the timeframe for accomplishment and interdependencies with other work. AMS REALTIME Projects is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for integrated project management, planning, scheduling and cost management.

Resource Manager
Resource planning focuses on what is the utilization of the department’s people, what skills are required now and in the future, and which specific individuals are available and should be assigned to accomplish specific tasks to achieve the work in the pipeline within the desired time-scales. AMS REALTIME Resources can provide the answers to these questions.

Team Member
What worked have they been assigned? When is it planned to take place? How much work have I performed? AMS REALTIME Solo and Web Solo provide answers to these questions.


Advanced Management Solutions recognizes the importance of effective resource management and effort tracking as essential components of a solution which supports the management of multiple projects.

In the majority of organizations, resources are shared across multiple projects and operational work. The needs of project managers and resource managers must be addressed to make the best use of the organization’s resources to meet its goals. Both types of manager need to be able to understand the options today, and to be able to forecast future requirements and have the capacity to meet them.

The AMS REALTIME Enterprise Solution has been developed to help you manage the complex process of project management in a matrix management organization. The products are designed to be flexible to support different management processes. Here is just one example of how the tools support management of multiple projects:

Through AMS REALTIME Projects, many project managers, each with many projects, can plan and assign generic resources to their projects.

These requirements are then communicated to resource managers using AMS REALTIME Resources. The resource managers are able to replace the generic resource assignments with individuals (named resources) from their team, taking into account other commitments such as other project tasks, operational work and training etc.

The individuals assigned to these tasks use AMS REALTIME Solo and/or Web Solo to review the tasks that have been assigned to them and to periodically record actuals and make plan adjustments.

Using this timesheet information, project managers can review and approve actual effort and revised estimates which can then update the project plan (s).

AMS REALTIME Enterprise Server

The AMS REALTIME Enterprise Server provides a secure, managed, company-wide repository of project and resource management information.

Comprehensive and sophisticated security features mean you have complete control over who can access and update data.

The AMS REALTIME Solution provides tools to define and administer libraries of reference data to ensure consistent data definitions for resources, structures and costs. Duplicate data entry is avoided and administration effort is reduced. Using common terms and definitions, projects can be consolidated and compared; resources, costs and skill usage can be analyzed across projects, geography or whatever dimension you need. The object-oriented design of the AMS REALTIME database ensures improved manageability compared with other systems.

By consolidating multiple projects along with information on other work commitments, users can understand the impact of changes in project scope, delivery schedule or resource requirements on the portfolio of projects and other work your organization is committed to.

In summary, the flexible AMS REALTIME repository based on Oracle technology ensures:

Data integrity and visibility
Multiple concurrent secure access
Information sharing with other applications

Integrating Project and Resource Management with other Corporate Information Systems
Project management has the power to shorten delivery times and integrate work across departments. To do this most effectively, project management systems should integrate with your other information systems so that everyone has an accurate picture of the status of work in real time.

The AMS REALTIME Enterprise Server offers a complete suite of Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) to enable comprehensive integration of your ’mission-critical’ information systems with the project and resource management capabilities provided by AMS REALTIME.

The APIs are designed to enable sophisticated integration between AMS REALTIME and any Oracle applications. The AMS REALTIME API’s are complete, published and provide controlled access to all AMS REALTIME data. Furthermore, this suite of APIs is fully documented and available for customer use.

These unique and powerful technologies enable you to leverage the power of AMS REALTIME integrated with your other information systems.

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